Our Staff

Chef Jason LageJason Lage is a 22 year restaurant veteran and a native of Northern Minnesota. Lage has served as executive chef in many fine dining restaurants, luxury resorts, inns and hotels in the DC metropolitan area including: Lansdowne Resort, The Jefferson Hotel DC, St. Basil Restaurant and The Oval Room. In his travels through France, Lage studied and worked at Michel Bras in Laguiole, France (Michelin 3 Stars) as well as Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, France (Michelin 3 Stars). Upon returning to the States, Lage was the featured chef at the James Beard House for three consecutive years.

And now Lage brings his considerable expertise, knowledge and award winning cuisine to his own establishment, Market Table Bistro in Historic Lovettsville, Virginia in the heart of Virginia wine country.

As a staunch supporter of the farm-to-table concept, Market Table Bistro is perfectly situated in the agricultural heart of Loudoun County. This has allowed Market Table Bistro to develop personal relationships with the farmers and purveyors who supply the ingredients for the restaurant. According to Lage:

It takes my dishes to another level to be able to pick and choose the finest, freshest ingredients and also know the name of the farmer that grew it for me. There’s accountability that works both ways – I get the best products available and the growers know those products are being respected and used well in my kitchen. The real winners, though, are the diners.

For Lage, the “keep it simple” approach to cuisine has been at the heart of his success and the many awards he has received for his cooking. Lage’s approach is to get the best ingredients available and do as little as possible to those ingredients – just enough to enhance or intensify the natural flavors to let the ingredients taste of themselves.

Lage met his business partner, Rebecca Dudley, while working at Lansdowne Resort. Dudley’s command of the dining room as a front-of-house manager is the perfect balance to Lage’s mastery in the kitchen. The couple lives in Lovettsville with their dog Apollo.

Jamie Imlah : Chef de Cuisine

Andrew Phifer : Sous Chef

Colt Taylor : Beer

William Stevenson : Mixologist